“Giving up doesn’t always mean your weak sometimes your just strong enough to let go”

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Best Candids of 2014

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Taylor leaving her apartment in New York today, April 17

Taylor flies to Ohio to surprise a fan at her bridal shower, after receiving an invitation from her (vlog)

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What was your first time like?

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I haven’t done a video blog in about 2 years but this was so much fun, I had to.

"I have no self control in kitchen stores." - Surprising Gena (x)

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can we just all take a second to appreciate the fact that the 7-time-grammy-winner taylor swift didnt just go to a bridal shower that one of her fans invited her to but actually vlogged about it and was so excited?

everyone who still thinks that taylor is all about fucking guys should just fuck you.

thanks for listeninggggg

Surprising Gena

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